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STATE BANK OF INDIA Mobile Banking Service Registration Form The Branch Manager State Bank of India Date Sl. No. ------------------------- I wish to register/ deregister for Mobile Banking Services of SBI offered under State Bank FreedoM. I submit the information required for the purpose as under Name of Customer Maximum 20 Characters and leave a box blank after each name Surname First Name Date of Birth Email id Middle Name DD User ID MM YY My Mobile Number Primary Account number Other...
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phone number : Primary email id: Signature : Signature of Debit cardholder (Optional: for the Mobile Banking Services) and the Debit Card(Optional) Registration Form for mobile account opening/ re-opening A mobile banking service is provided under the State Bank Services (State Bank of India) Limited under the Banking Services (Mobile Broadband Access) and Mobile Mobile Banking (SBI) Act, 2004 . Registration and registration for the purpose is made in "SBI Mobile Banking" form on the same date. Please provide the following information according to the abovementioned mentioned form. *Please provide address, the name of the owner of the mobile number and mobile number type. In case I am the owner of the handset and mobile number registered on the form, the phone number will be listed after the address. *Please provide a valid email id. *Please complete the following form to re-register the Mobile Banking Services for mobile No : *Mobile name and Mobile Telephone No. of owner and Mobile Number No. to subscribe for mobile Banking Services. The mobile No. to subscribe for a given amount for the current billing cycle (Monthly) to the owner of the mobile number. *Phone number which is not associated with your mobile number *Name of primary email id which is used for the registration and for de-registering the same. Please provide the same email id for the registration and de-registering the same. *Please send an email to the primary email id and the mobile number in your name. *Please provide the same mobile number or the mobile number to subscribe for services and information on the Mobile Banking services. And if needed, a Debit card holder should provide the same information to the Branch Manager. SBI Mobile Banking Service Registration Form - Mobile Number Registration SBI is offering mobile banking services for the following mobile numbers to the bank account holders of the bank or financial institutions : (SBI has a different number for each branch) *The mobile number is automatically registered to the mobile number holder for SBI and the mobile number is associated with the mobile banking service. If you are not a mobile phone holder and there is no mobile number on your account number, SBI uses a special registration code for every mobile banking customer. You can find this code in the mobile banking registration form. (In case you need more information and support on SBI Mobile Banking service please mail us at this email address :
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